10 in 100 checkup

Happy Monday, dear readers.  I had a lot of fun over the weekend putting together my “7 links” post, and reading back through my blog entries over the past year and more.  I ran across some things I had completely forgotten about, and also enjoyed reading about past adventures and experiences.  I forgot how depressed I was in April as well, and how much fun our cruise last August was.

Another thing I realized was that I’d forgotten about my 10 in 100 list!  I thought I’d do a quick follow up to check my progress.  How am I doing so far?  (I have until October 4, just under two months)

1.  Go to Chicago and visit Karen.  So much fun!  Here, here, here,  and here.

2.  Have a 4th of July BBQ at my house.  Done!

3.  Go shopping with my sisters Leslie and Carrie.  Not yet…but we WILL.  Plans are in motion.

4.  Wedding cake tasting with Chris. We did this twice!  Here’s one.  We may still go to a few more bakeries…

5.  See the new Harry Potter movie. Yup!

6.  Visit the St Louis Zoo.  *crickets*

7.  Visit MOBOT, not while playing a wedding.  The extreme tree houses exhibit looks very interesting.  I wanted to go with my parents but we didn’t have enough time.

8.  Run a half-marathon, and PR.  Right now just running would be nice.  But I’ve got it.

9.  Attend another blogger meet up of sorts.  Did it!  Will Write for Wine.

10.  Go to another festival of sorts.  Lots of options, I’m sure.  My sisters are here during Festival of Nations at TG Park, which I’ve never been to but heard is great.  That’s on our itinerary.  (I have an actual itinerary I’m working.  Leslie and I are insane and actually do itineraries.)

Still got a few more left.  But I’m doing pretty good.  Is it better to set small, achievable goals or dream big and fail?  Obviously the big dreams won’t necessarily fail…but still.  They might.



Are you familiar with the Marshmallow Study?  I know as a child I would have NOT eaten that marshmallow and I would have held out for two.  Today I would stuff that marshmallow in my mouth because after all, who needs two marshmallows and besides, I can buy my own marshmallows at the store and quit wasting time sitting around waiting for free marshmallows.  What does that say about me?

What do you have planned for your week?  I’ve got teaching, some gigs, and some repertoire to learn for September.  My friend Laura is back in town so I’m doing some stuff with her, and Chris will be back soon.  Basically I’m back to “work” now even though I hope I will get some more students over the next month or I will certainly regret teaching five days a week!  I am excited about my teaching this year, and really feel like I’m doing what I want to be doing and what I am GOOD at.

I’m also hoping by the end of the week to feel injury free running again.  Fingers crossed!