10 in 100

I had my own "retreat" this past week at Suzuki Institute, so I hadn’t worried much about the Virtual Summer Retreat.  However, last night I was just relaxing and unwinding and I figured I’d better see what was going on!

The most recent assignment:

creating a list of self-improvement/work goals may come naturally to many of us, but what about . . . the rest of life? 100 days from today is october 1, 2011 [in my mind, the real beginning of fall]. can you think of 10 enjoyable/fun things you would like to accomplish between now and then? 

Hmm…10 fun things…some of these are already planned but nonetheless haven’t happened yet so still count as they are going to be enjoyable.  And I believe I get until October 4 as I am a few days behind here.

1.  Go to Chicago and visit Karen.

2.  Have a 4th of July BBQ at my house.

3.  Go shopping with my sisters Leslie and Carrie.

4.  Wedding cake tasting with Chris.

5.  See the new Harry Potter movie.

6.  Visit the St Louis Zoo.

7.  Visit MOBOT, not while playing a wedding.  The extreme tree houses exhibit looks very interesting.

8.  Run a half-marathon, and PR.

9.  Attend another blogger meet up of sorts.

10.  Go to another festival of sorts.  Lots of options, I’m sure.

Okay, that’s the plan.  Can I do it?  Some of those activities are definitely already in my calendar, and others…well I will have to make time! 

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