Monthly Archives: July 2011

Steve Carell

I just wanted to say that I love Steve Carell.  Why is he so funny????? Also, why is he so freaking weird?  He’s totally my hero.  I wish I could have as dry a sense of humor as he does. This morning’s run was awful.  Stupid heat.  I am so over it.  I’m tired […]

Still going

Just a quick post so you all know I’m alive!  My friends are hanging on, so that’s a good thing.  I think.  I hope. Friday night was fun—we did some bar-hopping in Maplewood, though nowhere I really enjoyed, and then Jen and I closed down the Amsterdam.  We stay up too late when we are […]

Running is always a good idea

Blogging before coffee leads to a lot of negative thoughts.  I must seem despondent to some of you!  I’m okay.  It’s been a tough week but I’m doing fine.  You learn to put on a good face, stand up straight, and fake it.  I think I’m pretty good at that. That said, I met Jen […]

The more you know

This week has both flown by and dragged.  It’s weird.  I had a late start to the week since I didn’t really get back to work until Tuesday.  What have I been doing all week?  (Other than obsessively stalking facebook for information on my friend’s accident…). Yesterday I went to Blackberry Cafe with friends.  It […]


I learned today that a few of my friends consider me to be a social media expert.  At least among them.  I do have a blog, facebook incessantly, and have recently gotten very into twitter (it was during my facebook hiatus that I truly became more twitter oriented…don’t judge.)  But I still consider myself a […]

Old friends

A couple of weeks ago one of my old friends from Clinton facebooked me that she and her husband were coming to St Louis for vacation and asked if I would be around.  (By old friend, not that she is old—in fact I am older than she is.)  Indeed I was, and we decided to […]