Steve Carell

I just wanted to say that I love Steve Carell.  Why is he so funny?????

Also, why is he so freaking weird?  He’s totally my hero.  I wish I could have as dry a sense of humor as he does.


This morning’s run was awful.  Stupid heat.  I am so over it.  I’m tired of getting nauseous and feeling like I’m going to faint.  We "ran" around the park, but I was a complete failure and made Jen walk too many times.  She claims she didn’t mind, but I know she thought I sucked as a running partner ūüėČ


Maybe we should have worn the wristbands today? Or the new ones I got from the Budweiser store?

For some reason then I decided to run two miles on the treadmill at the gym.  I may feel this all tomorrow.  Not sure.  Either way I felt like more of a runner afterwards, rather than a blubbery fainting vomiting mess.  Grrr.

Sorry for the negativity.  Thank goodness tomorrow is August‚ÄĒI’m sure all this heat will be behind us!  And I know it’s hard to run in the heat, and I didn’t treat my body as well as I should have over the weekend, which definitely attributed to my running issues.  I know this.  I need to relax, drink less alcohol, eat more veggies, and drink more water.  I’ll do better then.  I will stop beating myself up.

Still going

Just a quick post so you all know I’m alive! 

My friends are hanging on, so that’s a good thing.  I think.  I hope.

Friday night was fun‚ÄĒwe did some bar-hopping in Maplewood, though nowhere I really enjoyed, and then Jen and I closed down the Amsterdam.  We stay up too late when we are together.  Saturday I had a workout with Mike (he had had to reschedule because he had had an interview for his new job working at Frazer’s) and a wedding/cocktail hour.  Dinner was at Pho Grand followed by gelato.  I hadn’t been to Pho Grand in a year or so, and now twice in one week.  Weird.  But delicious!

I’m getting psyched up for a long run.  We are running around Forest Park.  We haven’t done that together since July 2 so I am quite looking forward to it.  After that the rest of the day is free.  Chris gets back Tuesday so there are some preparations to make (laundry, cleaning) and also I need to review my wedding planning.  I need to finalize the guest list and addresses to send off for the invitations.  I guess they take awhile to get ready.  We probably won’t be sending them out until October, but nonetheless they need to go to the printers.  I also need to figure out what else I should be doing right now‚Ķ

I am starting to get really excited about the end of August.  Both my sisters are coming to visit and we have big plans, including a wedding shower they are throwing me.  Isn’t the invitation cute?


We will also be getting the bridesmaid dresses at that time.


Maybe something like this? (by the way, that site is amazing, you should check it out.)

I’m about to disappoint my cat by getting up.  She is squashed next to me, sleeping.  One person is just not enough for her petting and cuddling needs, unfortunately.


Ignore that spot on the rug.  This is a recycled photo and I don’t know what that is, though I’ll assume it’s cat vomit related.

Running is always a good idea

Blogging before coffee leads to a lot of negative thoughts.¬† I must seem despondent to some of you!¬† I’m okay.¬† It’s been a tough week but I’m doing fine.¬† You learn to put on a good face, stand up straight, and fake it.¬† I think I’m pretty good at that.

That said, I met Jen for a run this morning and it was JUST what I needed.¬† It was the best run I’ve had all week‚ÄĒI didn’t start to feel nauseous until after 3 miles (heat nausea people) rather than the usual 2.¬† We had a great time chatting too, and I felt fantastic afterwards.¬† Then I was on twitter and saw THIS:


(sorry for no hyperlink, just a screenshot.  I need to do more research.)

I’m a running inspiration!¬† I was so flattered.¬† I suppose I would be better off if I didn’t compare myself to insane people like skinnyrunner and Mike and instead considered that running 4 to 5 times a week is probably pretty good, even if I’m not doing sub-7 minute miles or running 10 to 15 miles each time.¬† Then again, how many of you read my blog just waiting for the trainwreck?¬† I presume my neurotic personality is part of the appeal here‚Ķ

Either way, thanks Maddie, for making my afternoon!¬† (#FF means “follow friday”, where you can recommend folks to follow on twitter.¬† I didn’t know that until very recently.)

Mike had to reschedule for tomorrow, so today is ending up being just a one workout day (no problem) which means I’ll have time to do a bit more practicing, once I get off the computer.¬† And Jen invited me to hang out with her tonight; we are meeting some other people in Maplewood.¬† I’ve got 4 new students to meet/teach first, so it should be a fun day.¬† And I completed my passport application.¬† I don’t know where we are going for honeymoon yet, but my passport expired, so now is a good time to get that ready, just in case.

So I am okay.

This is why I run.

The more you know

This week has both flown by and dragged.¬† It’s weird.¬† I had a late start to the week since I didn’t really get back to work until Tuesday.¬† What have I been doing all week?¬† (Other than obsessively stalking facebook for information on my friend’s accident‚Ķ).

Yesterday I went to Blackberry Cafe with friends.¬† It was technically a business meeting, though I was meeting my friends Jen and Laura.¬† They had some things to talk to me about regarding Chamber Project St Louis, and I expect soon there will be an exciting announcement about some fantastic things they are doing.¬† But I’m not supposed to say anything yet.¬† Blackberry Cafe was good.¬† I had the falafel wrap, and instead of chips I had a banana (those were the options).¬† The man working (the owner?) was really friendly and nice.¬† He spent a little bit of time telling us how to tell that a $20 bill was counterfeit, so the lunch was both tasty and informative.¬† The more you know.


I’ve also been doing a fair bit of teaching at my new school.¬† I’m teaching three days a week now at the St Louis School of Music.¬† I’ve been meeting with many potential new students, and I have four more today.

I’ve also been practicing EVERY DAY since I got home from Chicago.¬† I’ve been focusing on standing up straight the whole time.¬† This might sound obvious, but it wasn’t for me.¬† It’s amazing how often I lean over or lean forward while playing and I have been working on standing up straight all the time.¬† Bonus:¬† I actually sound better when standing up straight.¬†¬† Second bonus:¬† back/shoulders/arms feel okay for now.

I’ve been trying to get my runs in, but GOODNESS this weather is atrocious.¬† The excessive heat warning is going on for what, two weeks now?¬† and I’m completely over it.¬† All I can do is my best, go slow, end up feeling nauseous halfway through and suffer through the rest.¬† I just keep telling myself this will help out when the weather is cooler‚Ķright?¬† Today I’m meeting Jen for a run (shortly) and later have a workout with Mike.¬† Yes, it’s a double day‚Ķwheeeeeeee!¬† Weight-loss wise, I’m not back to where I was yet before my Chicago trip so I fear I’ve failed on the contest front.¬† I think it was worth it though, but I can’t help but feel disappointed.¬† Nonetheless I will continue the path on my own‚ÄĒI still want to lose some more weight and I will continue to work towards that goal.¬† My biggest weakness is eating out, and I’ve been doing that much more with Chris being out of town.¬† Once he returns it’ll be a little easier.¬† And I’m now only one pound up from last week, so I’m getting back there‚Ķbut I really had hoped to be one pound down.¬† (Yes, I’m aware one pound isn’t a huge deal, sue me, I’m neurotic.)

I meet Mike this afternoon and he’ll ask what I’m doing this weekend.¬† The answer is, well, geez, I don’t actually have any plans.¬† And then I’ll feel BAD about it, like I’m 13 years old and getting made fun of again.¬† As if I have to have super awesome plans all the time.¬† I’m 33 years old!¬† Sometimes my joints ache.¬† Tuesday he suggested I take two or three weeks off from drinking and “see how great I feel.”¬† Then he asked if I ever use a steam room (he knows full well my gym doesn’t have one).¬† I hadn’t complained about feeling bad, in fact, I thought I felt fine.¬† Evidently I looked awful and run down, I guess‚Ķmaybe I don’t pass for 26 all the time after all?¬† ūüėČ


(I’m aware it’s an unrelated picture.¬† It’s just cute.)

I’m just lucky to be able to not have plans‚Ķto be able to do whatever I want‚Ķto be awake and not in a medically induced coma‚Ķto have loads of friends all over the world who would rally around me just as much as people are rallying around Alicia (I think‚Ķthen again she might be nicer‚Ķ)‚Ķwe sit there, on facebook, waiting for that little red notification box that means somebody has written something in the group‚Ķ

I have to make sure that isn’t my weekend plan‚ÄĒsitting at the computer waiting!¬† I have a stack of magazines to catch up on, some Harry Potter books to reread, and a few other things to do (cleaning‚Ķcough, cough).¬† I also need to finish getting all my invitation stuff ready (for the wedding!) and figure out what the next step is with the rest of the planning.

So, I’m not going to ask what your plans for the weekend are.¬† I’m just going to ask you to stay cool, and keep thinking of my friends Alicia and Andrew.¬†


I learned today that a few of my friends consider me to be a social media expert.¬† At least among them.¬† I do have a blog, facebook incessantly, and have recently gotten very into twitter (it was during my facebook hiatus that I truly became more twitter oriented‚Ķdon’t judge.)¬† But I still consider myself a bit of a hack‚Ķhowever, it’s possible that I’ll be doing a bit more with the social media in the future for a new endeavour, and I welcome it.¬† I do LOVE social media, even though I struggle with it on occasion.¬† (Again, don’t judge.)

I’ve been working with my blog more recently too, though I am quite sad today that more people are reading my blog because they are finding it searching for information on Alicia and Andrew.¬† That’s the caring bridge link for information, if you are interested.¬† I try not to think about it too much even though I think about it all the time.¬† I just break down.¬† I think the fact that they are engaged really gets me.¬† I just hope they can pull through.¬† I am constantly amazed by the resiliency of the human body and by the capabilities of modern medicine.

Let’s distract ourselves here for a bit then.


That’s the “mascot” for the Mo’ Cowbell run.¬† You all (should) know that I love cows.


I didn’t mean *that* otter‚Ķ¬† (that’s a fantastic website if you haven’t seen it)

Here’s a good article “The 8 truths about weddings (that no one ever tells you)”

a quote from the article “All your interactions will be weighed with a new gravity. When you do fight, it’s fighting as a COUPLE THAT WILL BE MARRIED. Those things that were mere annoyances are now albatrosses draping your shoulders for eternity.”¬† Luckily I haven’t done that to Chris yet!¬† (I have.¬† Repeatedly.)


That’s all I can do tonight, friends.¬† Stay strong.

Old friends

A couple of weeks ago one of my old friends from Clinton facebooked me that she and her husband were coming to St Louis for vacation and asked if I would be around.  (By old friend, not that she is old‚ÄĒin fact I am older than she is.)  Indeed I was, and we decided to get together for lunch.  They were planning to go to the Budweiser Tour before lunch, and when I mentioned how close that was to my house, they insisted I join them.

I was a little apprehensive, as I hadn’t seen Brooke since‚Ķwell‚Ķmaybe the late 90’s.  We used to ride the school bus together and attended the same church.  But here she was married with a small child‚ÄĒwould it be an incredibly awkward morning?  Plus, you know how those small-town South Carolina people are‚Ķ

I shouldn’t have worried.  Within a few minutes of meeting up, we were chatting away like old friends.  Not only that, her husband, Tim, was great and her baby was adorable!

IMG_0645 IMG_0648 IMG_0650

ALMOST makes me want one of my own, but then I remember that they aren’t always so cute, they cost tons of money, and I would have to sacrifice so much sleep‚Ķ

Anyway, I hadn’t been on the Budweiser Tour, so that was mildly interesting.  Tim brews his own beer so he was eager to steal insider secrets on how to make a ton of money. 

 IMG_0641 IMG_0643 IMG_0644

IMG_0647 IMG_0656 IMG_0659

My camera battery was running very low so I didn’t take that many pictures.  The tour took about an hour and went around a variety of buildings.  Honestly it wasn’t that exciting, but still a nice thing to do.  It WAS free.


Also at the end you got free beer.


Each person got two samples and they were pretty generous!  I enjoyed a blueberry flavored beer and a raspberry one best.  I did not sample Bud Light.

Afterwards we went to lunch.  The best part of a six month old baby is you don’t have to act differently around them yet, like you do for a toddler who is talking and can repeat anything you say!

All in all it was really great to see Brooke and meet Tim and her baby.  I guess I haven’t changed that much since high school after all‚ÄĒwe’ve both matured and grown up but our personalities are at heart still the same.  Goes to show you that people just don’t really change, and that is both a good and a bad thing.


Look at those fat little legs!!  At one point Brooke asked me if I wanted to hold him, but I did not.  Is there something wrong with me that I just don’t have that urge?  I did however want to make funny faces at him and poke him a lot.

Today:  lunch meeting, teaching, and run.  I need to stay busy.  It’s already 84 outside so I can already guarantee my run is going to suck.  Wait, that’s a really negative attitude.  Hmm‚Ķlet me rephrase.  It’s already 84 outside so I can already guarantee my skin will really glow the whole time I am running.  Or should I go to the gym?  Either way I need to get away from the computer. 

For those of you interested in Alicia and Andrew, here’s a link to a website started to keep people up to date.