Monthly Archives: August 2011

Cancer sucks

I want to keep this simple.  I received an email from my friend Emily this morning.  Emily was my best friend growing up in Clinton and is still a dear friend of mine.  I met her boyfriend Aaron last summer and thought he was a wonderful person!  He was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.  It always […]

5 reasons I hate my trainer

I had my first solo session with Mike (my trainer) yesterday in well, about 1 1/2 weeks.  It was fine.  I told him I felt like all my muscle had turned to fat and I was starting over.  He laughed and said it would take longer than a week off to do that.  He asked […]

Move Your Body!

You all know that working out, and especially, working out with Mike, is an important part of my weekly schedule (and life).  So I decided that a fun activity for my sisters and I would be to all do a workout with Mike together.  Originally we were going to meet at the park, but Mike […]

Mama Pea’s Famous Dough Balls

My sister Leslie bought Peas and Thank You, which is a cookbook of vegetarian meals by a "famous" blogger, Mama Pea.  She brought it with her to St. Louis since she was planning to make a dish from it for my wedding shower.  Thursday night we were a little bored and decided the best thing […]

Frey Sister Festivities

Just a quick blog post—things have been busy and crazy here!  Fun with my sisters and friends. That’s my weekend!  Workout, dinner with friends, bridal shower.  Lots of fun.  My sisters leave tomorrow and then it’s back to real life though…teaching and rehearsals.  


Ah…today I woke up and realized I hadn’t taken cold medicine in OVER NINE HOURS.  I quickly took some, of course, but still, obviously I’m improving.  Sadly Chris is sick now, and spent most of the day yesterday lying down. Today we are all doing a workout with Mike and then tonight going out to […]