Monthly Archives: September 2011

New Running Shoes

I went to this with Jen.  She had gotten an email earlier in the week about the shoes and was interested.  I saw the event announcement on Facebook earlier in the day and we decided to pop in.  I told myself I wouldn’t buy new shoes.  But… Yup, we both bought new shoes.  Then we […]

Free Replacement Strings

A few weeks ago I tried to change my strings (violin strings, for you non-musicians.  We have to do this every once in awhile…be that a couple times a year or every other month).  I had a set of Vision Solos on hand and wanted to put them on a couple of days before my […]

Almost at the three month mark

Sunday is the three month mark until our wedding! Today we had a big tasting and planning meeting at our venue, Moulin Events.  Absolutely the quality of paper we want for the menus. Chris was super excited (as usual) when I whipped out the pink camera. They asked if we were sisters!  (We’re not.)  Also, […]

Wine Wednesday

I get so jealous when I see "Wine Wednesday" tags on twitter.  I WISH.  I suppose I could, but I don’t get home until late, and when I’m already tired, I don’t really feel like drinking wine.  I guess I’m jealous around 5 pm, which is when it seems the "normal folk" are done working, […]

Pain Tolerance

In violin playing, pain is considered bad.  We’re not supposed to hurt when we play.  Granted, I hurt a lot of the time when I play, but I’m aware that that isn’t good. Evidently I’m supposed to just deal with the pain, according to Mike.  Or the soreness.  My hamstrings have been really awful since […]

Cross country solo bike trip, continued!

As you know, my dad (@jerrydfrey) is still on his cross country bike trip.  He left South Carolina in late August, was in St Louis and left on September 10.  He’s now somewhere in Texas (rumor has it he had plans to mess with Texas, but hopefully that wasn’t true.) My mother posted some pictures […]