Lululemon 5k Race Recap and Ramblings

I am not one of those Lululemon girls.  I don’t care about fancy workout clothes, AS long as they are in bright colors.  I don’t get super excited over new tanks or yoga pants.  I don’t aspire to work or to have worked at Lululemon.  (It seems that many in the blog world do, that’s why I am clarifying.  Then again, it’s just making me sound cranky.  Oh well, it’s Monday.  I’ve a right to be mildly cranky.)

If you are saying to yourself, what on earth is Hannahviolin even talking about?  What is Lululemon? then let me just tell you, it’s a store.

Okay, glad we’ve cleared that up.  The Lululemon store at Plaza Frontenac (a fancy mall nearby…well not that nearby as it’s fancy) hosted a 5k.  And it was FREE to sign up and run.  Free, I tell ya.  And they say nothing in life is free.

My friend Maddie was running it and that’s how I found out about it.  I signed up (free) but I was still waffling over whether or not to run as it was early the day after the first SLSO concert of the season.  (The concert was fantastic!  All Stravinsky.)  In any case, I wanted to run 8 to 9 miles (really, 9) on Sunday so I thought, well 3 for the race then I only have to run 6 more.  Also I had off all day Sunday so there really wasn’t a good excuse not to run. 

I picked up my packet.  Let me clarify that I did not carry my phone or camera.  I just didn’t want any extra stuff on hand, plus it looked like it might rain and I didn’t want to ruin anything.

IMG_0977 IMG_0978

For free, not bad.  Got a little bag with mainly race flyers inside, with a pack of playing cards and a tiny Lululemon change purse as well.  I guess that’s for what little you have leftover after you purchase one of their products.

We hung around waiting for the race to start, and it started raining off and on, and then more on than off.  The race started, and it was coming down pretty hard…and then by mile 2 it was absolutely pouring.  I felt like my shoes were buckets of water that I was stupidly running in.  I was completely soaked and to make matters worse, the course was quite hilly—it went through a neighborhood near the mall and was just uphill then downhill, uphill then downhill.  I pushed through though, because I was hoping to beat my 5k PR from May (31:11, though at the time I couldn’t recall the seconds, so I just knew if I beat 31:00 I would beat it).  I got a bit discouraged during mile 2, what with the hills, the rain, and my shoelace coming untied.  Did I also mention my blisters from some adorably cute shoes I wore Friday night?  Nonetheless, what is it THEY say?  Pain is weakness leaving the body, I believe.

The rain started to let up and I knew I was in the home stretch.  I turned into the mall parking and starting sprinting towards the finish line.  Maddie was yelling my name as I ran through so I tried to run with really awesome form and such.  The finish line was actually closer than I thought…so for once I finished a race without feeling like I was going to throw up…though I bet I could have finished a few seconds earlier had I pushed it a bit harder.  Nonetheless.


New Personal Record!!!  (PR, as we in the biz like to say)

Didn’t even want to do it. (Okay, I did.  It wasn’t the involuntary luge.)

After the race there was water, bananas, and bagels.  For a free race, it was super well organized with lots of amenities.  Since it was at the mall, we got to use the mall toilets (which at Plaza Frontenac are probably the nicest bathrooms I have ever used.)  It was a really nice race and the price can’t be beat. 


Rob, me, Maddie, and Dave (thanks to Dave for the picture, just met him for the first time at the race.)  Yes, it was early.  I look tired, I felt tired.  Definitely not my greatest race photo…but hey, a PR is a PR.  I’ll take it! 

It started POURING after the race, and we made a quick trip to Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  I took a nap, then ran around Forest Park with Vanessa.  Again in the rain.  AND I didn’t get any side stitches or take any walk breaks. 

I got my running mojo back, I think!  Jen even called me hard core in a text message.  Things are looking up.  I think 🙂