Sunday so far:  2 miles of running, stopped twice to stretch, hamstrings totally no good.  Turned around to walk back and meet my friends at the end.  Oh, and SOMEBODY (not me) locked their car key in the car and took their house key rather than the other way around.  Instead of 10 miles of running, 4 miles run/walk plus 1 hour spent trying to get somebody to help us figure out how to call AAA and then waiting.  Luckily the weather was really nice…too bad I haven’t gotten a real run in all week.  I suppose there’s a chance tomorrow.  (Tries not to freak out.)


Yup, that’s how I feel.

At least while we were waiting on AAA we saw something fun:

St Louis Track Club Marathon Relay!

Also we saw people doing yoga, with a live recorder player.  Sadly my camera was…locked safely in the car.

Hey, I could be more upset about this, but I’m not.  The hamstring issue is an actual problem, and stuff is just out of my hands right now.  Next week’s race will just be what it is.  I meant it to be a training run and it will be.

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

What is that from?  I don’t know, it just popped into my head.  I know it’s from something though.

I’m writing this post from the past (Saturday) because Sunday is pretty busy.  Jen and I are planning two loops of Forest Park tomorrow and Vanessa will join us for one.


(Probably not what we’ll be wearing.)

After that (assuming I live) I will be meeting Real Fit Mama and some other bloggers at Pi for a blogger meet up.  This is my second blogger meet up and I’m excited.  I think the pizza will taste really good after the run as well.

Then it’s wedding time.  Oh yeah.  Wedding at the Jewel Box.

Let’s talk about my blog briefly.  I always like to see how people are finding my blog.  There are two main ways:  from facebook, or from searching for the word “Cheese.”  Really.  Number one search for my blog!  ALL THE TIME.

Looks GOOD, right?  *wants*

Some other popular searches the past month:

Funny stretches in headband and tight shorts

Let’s assume they found one of these pictures:

014 017

I hate my trainer

Great post:  Five reasons I hate my trainer!  In fact, Mike really enjoyed that one as well.

Violin Cake

Deep Thoughts to Hannah

Sitting around eating bonbons (new name of my blog?)

I can has insurance

I’m being adorable and no one can stop me

Caturday unhappy (how can you be unhappy on Caturday??)

Couple on their shoulders some (what?)

Anyway, those are some of the most amusing searches.


What else?  I know I haven’t been that interesting on my blog lately.  I’ve been wrapped in a bunch of stuff that I can’t talk about here, and then frankly I’ve been a bit creatively challenged.  Friday night I taught, and then I made pumpkin bread.  OH I was going to add in chocolate chips but I only had a tiny bit left, so I made the BRILLIANT decision to add in butterscotch chips (about half a bag, maybe a little heavy handed) and they turned out to be amazing!  Amaze-balls, in blogger speak.

Saturday:  slept in (hamstrings and back still recovering from deadlifts on Thursday, let’s not talk about how little I have run this week because it will just depress me), taught, wedding/reception…plans with friends at night.

Took some pictures at the wedding/reception…Botanical Gardens and then at the Artist’s Guild in Clayton.

323349_10150383238291550_697061549_10414357_1130027699_o 337877_10150383358971550_697061549_10415333_1758335123_o (1)


Go! figure 201513_10150216458501550_697061549_8906963_4202827_o

Here’s something weird:  I didn’t know Maddie when this picture was taken.  I used to think the music world was a small world, but now I know that it’s just a small world.  I think there’s a song about that.  And yes, Jen and I were laughing.  People are always laughing around me.

Also:  my dad (@jerrydfrey) is STILL on the road, heading to Phoenix.  He’s somewhere in Texas.  He tweets things like “near JR’s ranch” and “Saw a huge hog dead by the road,” and “Ready to mess with Texas.”  (Hope he didn’t actually do that last one, that would be NOT GOOD.”  He’s been on the road about a month!  He’s probably tired…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

P.S. I stole this from Rose of Eat, Drink, and be Meiri.