Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

As you all know, I love paper products!

I decided to go another way with my rehearsal dinner invitations.  I found something on etsy that I loved, and went with it!  Did I need to have printed invitations?  Well, NO.  But I love them.  I’ve gotten more than a few compliments as well.



I wish I could have printed invitations for every event in my life.  Sadly this is probably the end.  Of course, I’m still working on menus and programs! 


(I considered whiting out some personal information, but realized it’s all easily available on the internet.  Also I’m just not actually famous, am I?  The pictures with the whited out stuff just looked terrible, and my pictures are bad enough to begin with…)

Oh, and I have a FABULOUS dress for the rehearsal dinner.  I considered wearing the same one I’ll be wearing the next day, but instead chose something with color.  I can’t wait!  Not for the rehearsal dinner, but really, I can’t wait for all of it, I can’t wait to see everybody all together, and I can’t wait to get married!!

*try not to throw up over my cheesiness*

The stress is building though.  Planning a wedding is indeed stressful!

Castlewood Cup

February 25, 2012

The next big adventure– A trail race!  This from the girl (woman?) who is always cold in the winter and doesn’t like being dirty.  I’m hoping my partners in crime (that would be Jen and Vanessa) sign up too.  Either way, I’ll be running in the woods, in February.  At least there won’t be ticks, right? 

Who’s joining us?  (Or me, really, it might just be me. )

How hard will this be?  Trail running advice?