What I’ve learned

Don’t get married right after the holidays unless you are okay with being a few pounds heavier than the previous month.  Or if you have better will power than me…which is possible, but unlikely. 

I’m okay with it half the time (the time I continue to eat) and the other half of the time I’m beating myself up.  I realized today that I’m now at a point where things are how they will be on Monday, and I THINK I’m okay with that.  For instance, I may weight three more pounds than I did pre-Thanksgiving.  I can still wear all my clothes, so that’s not a problem.  I never was able to quit biting my fingers and fingernails.  Did I try?  Not terribly hard, but nonetheless, my fingers are going to be gross for my wedding day.  Oh well.  I still have faint sports bra tanlines too, and I tried to get rid of those.  At least my skin (especially my face!) looks awesome, my hair is shiny and healthy, and my arms have never been more muscular.  Sure, a few less pounds would have made them look better, but I think it’ll do. 

So do I fast for the next three days, or plan menus which involve mac and cheese and wine?  I think we all know the answer.  We’ll just say I’ve purchased the ingredients to serve mac and cheese on New Year’s Eve, and tonight will definitely involve at least one glass of wine. 

I have been continuing to kick my butt (and get my butt kicked) at the gym and running outside (thank goodness for lovely weather), and I’m still making every effort to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  I’m just not quite able to kick my cookie habit.  I think that’ll just have to wait until we return home from the cruise, and then the pressure will be off, and I’ll have plenty of time to just relax and get back to my weight goals.  (By relax I mean teach ridiculous amounts of children, but I think you get the point—no wedding to plan, no wedding pressure). 

How about you?  How’s the holiday weight gain treated you?