Monthly Archives: February 2012

One Last Castlewood Cup Post

(for previous post, click here) They finally posted my pictures from the race—nothing from the finish line (which is FINE) but plenty of me running across that darned creek.  I almost enjoyed it.  Almost. What I like about these pictures is that I am most definitely running.  Not in a graceful, gazelle-like manner, but…most definitely […]

Chocolate Covered Almonds

It’s that time of month again…"Foodie Pen Pals" time!  I didn’t participate in January, so February was my first month back.  I actually got paired with a dud this month.  I sent my stuff to the lovely Crissy from near Las Vegas, who doesn’t have a blog.  I didn’t receive anything from the person I […]

Castlewood Cup 15k

This past Saturday I ran the Castlewood Cup, a 15k trail race (that’s 9.3 miles to you Americans) through various trails in Castlewood State Park.  I have not done any training on trails other than a small race a few weeks ago, so I was not sure what I was in for, but I knew […]

Saturday night fever

I’m sitting here listening to the radio:  SLSO plays Brahms Symphony no. 4.  This morning I ran the Castlewood Cup 15k, it was really hard.  And I almost completely lost…I was in the bottom 10 people.  But I finished and I didn’t fall, and I need to run more trails because it was so fun […]

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday.  Happy Birthday! I believe this calls for some pictures, right? My parents walking in to, oh right, my wedding.  Don’t they look dapper? There they are, applauding…something…   My Aunt Connie (Mom’s sister), Mom, Dad, Uncle Ed (Mom’s brother) and Aunt Twila (Ed’s wife) My whole immediate family.  Jesse (brother), […]

Stranger Danger?

Today was a gorgeous day!  I went running in the park, as I like to do.  I was finishing up my run, and I passed a man walking across the grass and then across my path.  He was holding a passport and a phone, and he looked confused.  I almost stopped, but then I kept […]