30 days of Thanksgiving

Last November I posted each day about one thing that I was thankful for.  I am planning to do this again this November! 

Who wants to join me? 

Though there are many things in my life that I want to improve, (and many things that I complain about,) in reality I have a wonderful life!  So many people in the world live with so much less, and I am SO lucky that I was born in the time and place I was to be able to turn out the way I did.

Who wants to join me?  30 days of Thanksgiving.  The hard part will be narrowing down to only one each day.

Perhaps there will also be 30 days of inappropriate Thanksgiving humor?

Oh, and a hearty HB to my BFF SS. 

4 thoughts on “30 days of Thanksgiving”

  1. I will totally join you on the “30 things”…a really good idea! This will force me to focus more on things that are good in my life. At times, I think I concentrate too hard on things that are “missing” or that I haven’t accomplished yet, and that’s a horrible outlook to have–frankly, it can make me miserable at times!

    Thanks for the idea.

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