4 to 10 more weeks of winter

Tonight is the last Sunday night before “school starts back.”  It’s the last day of Christmas vacation.

Christmas vacation is so hyped up, so exciting.  Ever since I was a young child, I absolutely loved Christmas vacation, I counted down, I became giddy with excitement.  I’m sure I’m not alone, but Christmas vacation may possible have been the greatest thing in my life.

Therefore, the last night of it is very depressing.  Not crying on the floor unable to move depressing, but nonetheless a bit sad.  No matter how the actual vacation was, the build up was certainly exciting, and now there is almost an entire year until the fun begins again.  (And yes, I will insist upon waiting for Thanksgiving to pass before beginning to celebrate the Christmas season next year…I refuse to start on Labor Day).

Now all we have to look forward to is a few months of dreary weather.  In Cleveland this could go on for up to five more months—in St. Louis probably only three, but still…what is there to look forward to now?  I think that’s why so many people make New Year’s resolutions.  Resolutions give us something to focus on, something to be excited about.  Many people focus on living in the now and enjoying “the moment.”

It might be better if Christmas (or winter break, if you don’t celebrate) took place more towards the end of January.  That’s when we need it!  Frankly, the end of November is interesting enough in the US with Thanksgiving—we don’t need another major holiday in a month, especially a holiday that is followed one week later by yet another holiday! We need to spread these things out.  February has Valentine’s, but that’s not a really fun holiday after grade school (too much pressure), then there’s St. Patrick’s…boring…Easter is a good one, but doesn’t always mean much more than a long weekend.  There’s Memorial Day, and then summer– when most people get at least a bit of vacation (us school people quite a bit more, but it seems that most of my friends take time then for some sort of vacation), so that’s covered, then Labor Day, Halloween…and so on.

But that’s how it is calendar wise, and I should just accept it.  My issue really is that it’s over now.  I don’t WANT to return to work.  I would prefer to keep sleeping in, enjoying my flannel sheets, and being generally lazy watching bad 80’s movies on ABC Family.

Oh, well.  That’s life!  I’d rather return to work than be back in middle school again.  I’ll keep that thought in mind to prop up my spirits.  Tomorrow I have 6 or 7 private students.  At least I’m starting slow!


Side note:  I wasn’t happy with my new theme, so I’ve chosen a different one.  I’ll be messing around with it a little bit, but I hope you’ll like it.  I especially like how the front page shows several recent posts instead of one at a time.

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  1. That’s why I miss Mardi Gras. It usually fell somewhere in February or March, with a hilarious 4 day weekend with awesome food and weird parties.

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