A Life Worth Dreaming About

A Life Worth Dreaming AboutA Life Worth Dreaming About by Nicholas Dettmann

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I think all of us can look back on our lives and see, in retrospect, pivotal times, where our lives could have gone one way or the other…I just found myself relating to the main character more than perhaps I should have, in that I also grew up in a small town and couldn’t wait to leave–but I didn’t do so by alienating myself from everyone and being mean! I just left…

I liked how the author did a Christmas Carol style thing and made the main character look back on his life and see what he could have done differently and was able to change and become a better person. I didn’t like how all the main character’s colleagues bugged him about being single and should get married with kids. I don’t think that one needs a family to have a wonderful life, but I do think that everybody needs people and needs to treat people well.

A fun and easy read–will make you feel good about life.

(Blogging is hard work. You get a bunch of books to read and review, and you just FALL BEHIND because, darn it, life is hard, and plus I wasn’t getting paid for any of this beyond the free books. I read this one awhile ago and finally posted my review!)

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  1. You’re right–blogging IS hard! Ugh! I suck at it. But you’re a much better blogger than I. I don’t think I can muster much more than one post–two at most–a week. 😛

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