A quick post about kitties

While I was at work yesterday Chris sent me a video of our cat, which I was (naturally) delighted by.  I’d show you the video but I doubt you’d appreciate it (we’ll pretend that’s the reason, not because I’m not in the mood to figure out how to do that).  Basically it is the fatness sitting on Chris’s lap, and him trying to get her to look at the camera.  There are some cat noises as well.  Anyway, I forwarded it to a couple important people, and then Leslie sent the following picture back as a response. 

photo (7)

The gym yesterday was awesome.  I hadn’t worked out with Mike in two weeks, and hadn’t really worked out that much either way.  He planned a well rounded workout that would help my shoulder but (ideally, he said) not leave me so sore I couldn’t walk the next day.  I’m sore today, but I think (knock on wood) that he was correct in his assessment, because it’s a good "I had a great workout" sore rather than the "I’m going to kill my trainer" sore I’ve had in the past.  We also had a discussion involving what might have caused the shoulder injury in the first place, as he apparently missed the memo that I thought it was something I did at the gym that was exacerbated by extreme violin playing.  He thought it was violin playing all along.  I think it was both, and I recall it hurting really badly that one day.  That said, if he read my blog (hem, hem) he’d know.  I don’t understand why everybody I know doesn’t read my blog on a regular basis.  Because I do—when I meet somebody who has a blog, I subscribe to their blog and read every time they write.  Is that just me?

But I digress. I promised you a quick post about kitties.  Here are some more pictures, some just that a friend sent me, and the last one an instagram of my feet and the fatness (and our awesome c. 2000 television!)

photo (15) photo (16)

photo (17)

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  1. If I know someone has a blog, I read the shit out of it. But, I don’t want people I see every day to read my blog. Is that weird?

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