Am I going to die?

If you haven’t read my delightful recap of the Rock and Roll Arizona race, you should.  I spent a lot of time writing it and putting photos in, so I’ll be sad if you haven’t read it.


I often publicize my blog posts on facebook.  This adds to the embarrassment factor/page views.  Added bonus:  I can assume that all my friends and colleagues have read my blog and already know what’s going on in my life…and surely that’s why no one talks to me anymore, right?


(nothing to do with all the selfies…btw how great is my new sweater!  THREE SHEEP!)

Anyway, yesterday when I posted the Race recap, my sister Leslie weighed in:


Yeah, so then yesterday’s cold turned into today’s whatever is happening which involves massive coughing fits on occasion.  Oops.  They are all still in the head so I’m thinking that’s a good sign.  I’m also exhausted, and left work early (I’m thrilled because I’m already so behind, but I just couldn’t stay any longer—I was seriously checked out and about to fall out of my chair and I had NO patience left, and my students require patience or I just start telling them what I think, without making it nice and constructive and helpful for them, and that’s not very good. )

Where am I going with this?  I actually don’t know.  I had really fun plans for tonight and now I’m just sitting on the couch, figuring this is as good a time as any to catch up on Parenthood.

So entertain me!  What are you doing this weekend?  I may end up having to cancel all my fun plans and just stay at home drinking tea all weekend…

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2 thoughts on “Am I going to die?”

  1. I can’t entertain you but…cat picture = cutest.kitty.ever and I read in one of the various health journals I read a cough lasts 18 days…no matter what you do…Enjoy the next two weeks.

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