Another Baby Shower

The concert (Chamber Project St Louis) last night went well.  We made it through everything, and the audience gave us a standing ovation at the end, which was really touching.  It was a great season overall and I’m relieved to be done.  It was exhausting, and honestly my shoulder still needs some healing before I am back to more intense playing.

Today my boss at the school, Laura, threw a wonderful baby shower for Kirby, one of the other teachers at the school.  It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed getting to chat with some of the parents and teachers than I don’t ordinarily have time for.  I had to leave early, unfortunately, but really enjoyed it.  She got the cake from McArthur’s Bakery based on my earlier recommendation (though I must admit I decided NOT to eat the cake today.  Mike would be proud.  I’m sure it was amazing.)  I only took a few pictures because I wasn’t in super blogger mode, but here’s a few I “instagrammed.”


The punch!  It was really tasty.  In my opinion, one of the most fun parts of teaching is having punch at the recitals (though not tomorrow, unfortunately.)  I guess I’ll have to add baby showers to the list of places and times to have punch.  The shower had an owl theme.

We played a couple games.  One of them was pairing up in teams to decorate onesies, and then Kirby had to choose her favorite.  We didn’t win but had a good time making ours.


Last but not least—the party favors.  These are super cute and filled with chocolate.  I left mine in the car for a bit, so it partly melted.  I figured since I skipped the cake and then ran about 5 miles I could eat a couple pieces 😉

It was a really nice shower!  I felt bad that I had to leave before the presents were opened, but I’m sure Kirby got a lot of wonderful, helpful stuff.