Another Caturday!

I’ve decided to really embrace my love of cats.  Today I am featuring a guest cat on the post.  My sister Leslie has a cat named Albergo that you’ve seen before (if you are a regular blog reader.  If you aren’t, you should be because you are totally missing out on the awesome.)

Here are some recent pictures of Albergo:

This is Albergo sleeping.  He is exposing his belly to (possibly) be petted.  Or murder.  Who knows.  It is said that petting the tummy of a kitty is like frolicking in the back hair of an angel (source).


Albergo also enjoys working out.  This is how you know he’s a Frey kitty.



This next picture is sideways but still awesome.


I can only assume Albergo is preparing to be shipped somewhere.  Cats don’t like travel, but they tolerate it if they are in a box.

Okay, enough Caturday for today.  I stole all these pictures from Leslie, thanks 🙂