Another end-of-year concert done!

Last night was the end of year concert for my orchestra.  They did a fantastic job!  I had been frustrated with a few things relating to this concert, but it all turned out just fine. 

Afterwards we met up with some friends at Mango.  They were eating dinner but Chris and I cooked instead.  We had a lovely time chatting and having a drink.  I tried something called the “crackberry” which had strawberries, basil (I think?), and pepper in it and was delicious.  Mango is located right next to Chris’s first apartment here in St. Louis, a downtown loft.  It used to be where Mosaic was located and we had been there before.  Our friends said their dinners were fine but not fantastic.

Today I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm.  Part is the sun, part is that I have been going to bed really early, and part is the stress.  I think it’ll be better when my schools are done…I certainly know I am looking forward to that immensely!

This morning I am rehearsing the group at another school for a concert on Friday night.  I had the program chosen already but I found out yesterday that evidently the parents thought the violin portion was too long last time and we need to cut it down.  Don’t get me started on parents.  (I believe the violin portion was under 10 minutes).  I think I know what I’m cutting out and I hope the kids aren’t disappointed.  I suppose I’ll just tell them to blame their classmates’ parents!

Teach, gym, teach.  Wish me luck!

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