Another rainy day

Today I really miss my kindle. I have a few hours to kill between a rehearsal and teaching but I am a bit too far from home to make it worth going there.

That’s another thing you should know about freelance musicians. There is a lot of awkward downtime. I am currently sitting in panera with my violin and a book. Pretty standard. I have spent hours shopping with my violin on my shoulder but I am sore enough from the gym that I didn’t want to deal with that.

We went to Scottish Arms last night to meet with a friend who was visiting. I was the only girl in the group, which was unusual as of late. I used to hang out with a lot more boys than I do now. I guess as an engaged lady it is more appropriate to have lady friends.

I am rehearsing with an ocarina player and a pianist for an online concert next Saturday at 6 pm central. It was great fun! I will try to find the info for those of you who are interested in watching.

On my way to work this morning I drove by some of the tornado damage. Wow. It looks a lot more awful in person. I got chills. How can I be upset over a break in when some people have lost everything? Or am I still in shock? Somebody today asked me, “how are you so calm? Aren’t you angry?” Of course. Of course I am. But what will that accomplish?

Four students and then the gym to run. Four more weeks of school. Four more.

(this should have posted earlier today.  meh)