Another snowy day

It looks like the weather people were fairly correct. It did indeed start snowing this morning and has continued so far. I will never get caught up on my makeup lessons at this rate. I feel like they are just piling on my head and I am collapsing. (I’m exaggerating, but I’m frustrated with the weather and the amount of times I’ve been sick this semester.)

So today is a day spent at home. I did some practicing for the upcoming Chamber Project St Louis concert and now I’m just relaxing. Chris’s parents are here and Chris is at a concert.  Tonight is likely basketball or a movie. Exciting stuff!


The weather yesterday on my run. (yes, I’ve been doing some running…oh, and Mike corrected me—I dead lifted 110 pounds, not 105)


And the weather today. The road in front of our house is surprisingly clear, so that’s a good thing.

Dinner at Trattoria Marcella Friday night was incredible.  I’m considering making a pre-marathon reservation there for Leslie and I, though the night before might be better as far as being more able to eat rich food and drink some wine. 

We had more wine last night at Vin de Set with our friends Sarah and Jason. I especially love when you wake up in the morning and have red wine lips. Scrubbing your lips with the toothbrush to get rid of the wine stains is both exfoliating and strangely satisfying.


I’m hoping this picture becomes more impressive than right now.  If you follow me on twitter (which you totally should as I’m crazy entertaining there) I’ll keep posting pictures.

Tonight: Crock pot salsa chicken. This is my favorite easy dinner and we wanted to do something in case we got snowed it. Take jar of salsa. Take 3 or 4 frozen chicken chicken breasts. Combine in crock pot. Cook. Optional: add cilantro, corn, black beans, or lime juice. After 4 hours on high/8 hours on low, shred chicken and serve over rice, or in a tortilla, or plain. However you want.

I should do a pinterest worthy picture so you could pin this post for me and I could get famous! But meh. I find raw chicken in a green sauce isn’t necessarily the most appetizing thing. It will be tasty though. I promise you that.


Hey look.  Music! (Isn’t one trio enough? Why does Schumann have to write such long pieces?)