April Showers

Here’s my boring monthly goals post (boring to you, probably, not as much to me as each new month brings new HOPE.)

Monthly Goals:

Books: one classic, one related to teaching violin or children, one non-fiction.  Great Expectations, The Social Animal, and Moonwalking with Einstein

One or more new restaurants:

Weekly activities with friends:  Anybody up for stuff?  You have my number.  Or at least my blog address.

New recipes (three):

Fitness Classes:  Yoga—let’s do it, two classes! And maybe spinning…I guess I got bored with my class…

Race:  April 9 Go! St Louis Half Marathon.  Goal:  2:30 or bust. 

Mileage:  90 miles (run or walk)

Lose a couple of pounds:  under *redacted* by April 30 or bust. (I do have a number in mind, and this month I will meet or beat it).

Career: Schedule Student Recital for Early June.  Plus some other stuff that will happen in April.  You’re on a need to know basis.

Fun: Who wants to go to the South Grand House Tour April 16/17?  Also, I’m open to other social engagements, hit me up!

Financial: Well…I did MY taxes.  But I promised Chris I’d do his, so that’s this month.

Fingernails/finger biting: Must continue trying to stop…gah, so difficult as I usually don’t notice I’m biting until it’s already been going on for a little while.