Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Today I taught, and my last student left after saying “That was a fun lesson!” I think I won today, at least a little bit. (And yes. Violin lessons should be fun.)

I could spend some time talking about my cat and her diet and how cute she is. But on second thought, I probably do that too much too. I should update my blog header to just pictures of her, shouldn’t I? Or rename the blog. Suggestions in comments please.


And then I made dinner. Pork chops and sweet potato fries from Trader Joe’s. It was pretty darned good.

(I made this picture for a friend who gave me the cross fit T- shirt. I do not do cross fit, I lift weights, but it is very soft.)


Dinner and a selfie, what could be better? Don’t tell that’s not a great smile. That’s the face I make when I’m lifting heavy stuff. Or lying on the couch wearing a crossfit t shirt after eating dinner. One of those.

A friend gave me two very ripe peaches so I thought I’d wing a peach crisp for dessert.  Note to readers: I am not actually a good enough baker to wing these things. I did not include butter in the topping (granted the internet recipe I loosely followed didn’t either) so it was kind of a fail until I worked with it a bit after 30 minutes.

Finally it looked like this in my bowl, and I did add milk. It was pretty tasty but next time I’ll do better.


Yeah, it looks pretty much like cat puke. That seems right, doesn’t it? There’s leftovers if anybody wants to try it.

I went to Central Table the other night with my friend April. It was pretty good, though in my opinion the menu was a bit overwhelming. So I just ended up ordering a salad and a pizza, which were tasty. A good friend of hers worked there and sent over dessert as well—the peanut butter pretzel gelato was a favorite.


Caesar Salad. It had little chopped up anchovies in it which were excellent though I could have handled a lot more!


Gooseberry and Lamb Pizza: gooseberry, lamb bacon, goat cheese. You had me at bacon. And goat cheese. And I learned about a new fruit. This was an excellent choice.IMG_7316

The aforementioned gelato. I actually typed vibrato first and had to edit. The peanut butter pretzel flavor was amazing (bottom right).

Last but not least: There’s been a lot of internet talk lately about introverts and extroverts and how to tell if you are one or the other, and I’m so glad I saw this today. Warning: a little bad language if that might offend you.

15 signs that you’re neither an introvert nor an extrovert, you’re just a human being with largely the same responses to social situations as everyone else.

Happy Friday, dear readers!

2 thoughts on “Are you an introvert or an extrovert?”

  1. I’m proud of you for saying you lift weights instead of doing Crossfit, it’s easy to fall into these fads (it’s probably better than nothing, but some of their philosophies are questionable). I’d like to know if you listen to classical music while lifting…I have considered it but it’s tough to find something aggressive enough. Maybe the first movements of Beethoven 3, 5, or 9…or the first 2 minutes of Also Sprach Zarathustra? That’s all I’ve got, but you know a lot more classical music than me!

    1. I feel the same way about fads. I’m too old for that stuff!

      I never listen to classical music while working out. I listen to podcasts: it probably doesn’t pump me up as much but it occupies my brain differently. That said, as a musician I probably have a different reaction to music than many other people do.

      I could name a bunch of pieces that have really loud bombastic parts, but those are paired with other slower parts…Mahler Symphonies, Strauss Tone Poems, Wagner (what about Ride of the Valkyries?)…

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