Are you going to blog about this?

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about what sort of thing I might write about on my blog.  This particular friend, we’ll call them Pat to preserve anonymity, had recently opened up to me about an incredibly embarrassing thing that had happened to them, and afterwards, I joked that I would be writing about it on my blog.  Pat looked at me in HORROR and I said, OF COURSE I am kidding.  The next time I saw Pat I had to laugh at them again, and Pat asked if I had blogged about it (step one, friends, read my blog, you’ll know if I say anything about you!) and I said, OF COURSE not, what sort of person do you think I am?

Well, evidently Pat thought I was the sort of person who might blog about their most embarrassing moment.  That was a sobering moment in our relationship.  When I realized that Pat thinks I’m a terrible friend.


I reassured Pat that I would absolutely never do that.  I am NOT that sort of person. (Or, I try not to be…) 

  • My friends don’t need my help in embarrassing them, they can all do that perfectly well by themselves.
  • My blog is primarily about me. 
  • If I say I’m not going to blog about something, I won’t. 
  • I don’t even blog about MY most embarrassing moments. 
  • The story had nothing to do with my cat or my wedding.
  • Also, the story was HARDLY PG rated, and thus inappropriate for my blog.

Here’s the lesson, friends:  please don’t NOT tell me things because you are afraid I’ll blog about them.  I have some common sense, and if in doubt, ask me not to.  I also try not to put up bad pictures of you all—I only put up bad pictures of myself.  So don’t be shy, and don’t be afraid of telling me your deepest, darkest secrets, because they will go in the vault.  Well, no.  I don’t have a vault, but they won’t go on the blog.

I saw this link on twitter this morning and I have been laughing hysterically.  I recommend you check it out if you want a good laugh.  (It is not PG rated though, I recommend only adults click this link.)

World’s Most Absurd Warning Signs and Disclaimers

4 thoughts on “Are you going to blog about this?”

  1. I know the feeling! I also hate when people tell me “This better not end up on Twitter.” I’m sorry, but does my life really revolve around what you do? When someone says that I always want to ask if they really think of me that way.

  2. That’s funny. I suppose I understand that feeling as something similar happened to me, and it happened to be a relative (of all people) who “bashed” me on their website over a FB status I had (again, why I now hate FB!). I couldn’t defend myself, of course, as it was her personal web page.

    But when it comes to friends, it’s different! I actually don’t advertise my blog to people I know (I think only one friend reads it and my husband is aware of its existence), but I still try to watch what I write just b/c you never know who might stumble upon it…

    1. My friends (generally) all know about my blog now, thanks to facebook, and most don’t give it a second thought. But seriously, FRIENDS means you aren’t going to do something (purposely) to embarrass them. And violinista, that’s totally awful of your relative. I guess that’s the problem, some people do that stuff and it makes people worry.

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