Baby Fever, Part the Second

I just can’t.  This is one of THOSE pictures.  My friend Katie and I kept flashing it at each other last night on our phones and groaning because it is just too cute.

From his (my friend Laura and Jon’s new baby Benjamin’s) newborn shoot with Stephanie Cotta.  More down below.

Vanessa held him tonight at our house.  She must have smelled funny because he had to cover his nose.

Embarrassing for him that he’s wearing the same pants I last saw him in…

Are those the fingers of a violinist?  I guess he got used to Vanessa after all.

Lucky for us he slept long enough that Mom and Dad could eat dinner and visit with friends.  He’s still very small.  We wondered if my cat would find and try to sit on him, but she kept her distance from everyone (she hates noise.)

Chris manning the grill.  This was before he hurt his ankle playing Nintendo 64 Mario Golf.  Don’t ask, because I honestly don’t know what happened.  The brats were fantastic though!  Too bad it was actually really cold.  Oh well, we’ll try again another day.  The bowling team represented in full force.

My man and his best man (if he’s the best man, why didn’t I marry him?  shouldn’t he just have been a really good man?)

Another beautiful picture.  If Laura weren’t my friend, I’d totally hate her because she is so beautiful! 

Happy Monday, friends!  I’ve got a full day of teaching children ahead.  What are you up to?

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