Back from break

There are only a handful of full Mondays left on my schedule…I am glad of it.  I’m tired of my schedule this year. 

Luckily today has gone well (so far)!  My students who are playing for festival this Saturday had practiced over break (!) and will be more than ready by Saturday.  My orchestra students are also preparing for an event this Saturday (which I will be attending) and are doing FAIRLY well though I wish they had practiced a bit more outside of class.  Hopefully they still will yet.

I have had the music from Lord of the Rings in my head all day.  I decided to see if I had the soundtrack in my car, to really embrace the music, but I only had the last one—Return of the King.  I turned it up very loud and listened to practically the whole thing during my driving today.  I feel as if I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster!  It should put me in the proper mood for watching/hearing Mahler 2 this weekend.

One of my friends said she envied my schedule, being able to work out for over 3 hours on Saturday.  I replied that I only do it because it makes me feel better about the fact that I no longer play the violin for a living.  (Darn you Howard Shore for making me feel so maudlin!) 

I do teach for a living though.  It’s not that I am unhappy about that, it’s just that I prefer to do both.  I enjoy playing more than teaching, but I think I am more distinguished as a teacher than a performer—at least as far as teaching beginners.  It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it! 

Who are you rooting for tonight?  UConn or Butler?  I’m a Duke fan at heart so technically the tournament has ended for me.  I used to think that UConn was “Yukon”, which in my mind was a team from Canada.  Weird, huh?  Then again, I also used to think that Jesus went to my church and came in late every week (there was a tall, thin man with a long beard and long hair who attended my church).  I assumed he was late because he was BUSY doing important, good things.