Back in the USA!

What a fantastic vacation! We made it home safely this evening, and we are completely exhausted, but had such a wonderful time. I will try to do a recap of the week’s events in the upcoming posts, and include some pictures as well. Basically all my planning really paid off–the excursions I booked NOT through the ship worked out fantastically (thank you cruisecritic!) and I even got to eat iguana. I took over 500 photos, and need to go through them and pick out a few to share.

This week starts slow, but it starts tomorrow nonetheless. I have a meeting with my new parents and students at Good Shepherd Lutheran School and hope to meet a few more of the students. I’ve basically got my schedule worked out, I think, though no real progress was made while I was gone. I have quite a few emails to go through, though oddly no calls (unless my voicemail is acting up?). If you called me, please call again!

My running is behind schedule. I managed to do a lot of working out on vacation, but the treadmills on the cruise were really too hot to use for long (very much in the sun) and for a few days before the cruise I had managed to hurt my shoulder, so I’m a bit behind. I will just have to buckle down for the next five weeks.

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  1. Mom’s devastated by this talk of “new parents.” Can they really be replaced so easily?
    Where can I find out how?

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