Back to work!

Well, sort of.  I basically had the day off, but I did have a wedding to play.


The wedding was at Temple Israel.  It went smoothly, nothing noteworthy.

Before and after the wedding was the hard work!  I did get to sleep in today, for once, but after I got up I was seriously in cleaning mode.  I spent about two hours cleaning the house, then went grocery shopping.  After the wedding I made several of the things I am serving the girls for tomorrow’s Cookie Swap.  Since the party is over dinner time, but not technically a dinner, I wanted to provide some more substantial snacks.  I decided to make some spinach roll-ups and some “crab” roll-ups.  Basically, I made two different spreads, spread them on tortillas, and rolled them up.  Tomorrow I will slice them into bite size pieces.  I also got a bunch of other stuff at the store—cheese, crackers, veggies, etc.  I’m sure there will be plenty of savory food, and then of course dozens and dozens of cookies, but those are technically for later.

On a more personal note:  yesterday I was a bit stressed and I wrote about how yoga is stressing me out.  I think the issue is that I need to set a boundary.  I’ve decided I will go two times next week and two times ONLY, and not worry about it.  If I decide to continue with yoga, I will only go once a week, and if that doesn’t happen due to my work schedule, I will not let it bother me.  I spend lots of time working, practicing, and running…I can’t do everything, and I need to allow myself to do some things less well, or at least less often.  That was the problem I had earlier in the year with the pottery class—I ended up resenting it because I wasn’t putting in as much time as the other people in the class and I felt like I was a failure.  Instead, I should have tried to appreciate the time I was able to put into it, and simply allowed myself to do what was possible for me.

Edited:  I forgot to say what I am thankful for today!  Today I am thankful that I live in a small house so it doesn’t take too long to clean the whole place from top to bottom!!

HBBC:  2 hours cleaning house:  4 points, 7 fruits/veggies: 1 point, 30 minutes cardio/strength training video: 1.5 points.  Total points: 6.5