Bacon and eggs


Where did the weekend go?

Oh right, 9 hours of opera rehearsal.



Can anyone name this tune?

I’m playing with Union Avenue Opera the next couple of weeks. We are performing Wagner’s Die Walkure. It’s nice to be playing some real music especially since I didn’t get to go do that in Colorado after all this summer. (Readers can surmise little of my summer has been like I planned.)


Violin wise, this year I’m not playing with Chamber Project St Louis. I’m pursuing other more traditional chamber music opportunities (sonatas, piano trio, quartet) and hope to have a few performances this year. I’d go more into the reasons why, but it’s not important or professional of me to do so.  (I wish them the best.)

Blogging is funny like that, isn’t it? You can’t actually say everything you want to. I’m sure you guys don’t really care, but with some very well read and well known blogs, people get upset when bloggers don’t share everything. The thing isโ€”you just can’t, unless you don’t care about anybody else but yourself. You can share a lot, but there are things that happen in your life that you can’t share every detail of, either because it’s primarily not your business, or perhaps because professional it would be a very bad move, or maybe for potential legal reasons. Does that mean bloggers are liars? Yeah, probably that’s what it is. We are all lying to make you think that life is amazing and when you are feeling upset, you are being RIDICULOUS!


(No, THIS is ridiculous)


It makes blogging a challenge sometimes when things aren’t going as well. Plus, none of us want to be seen as a whiner, right? As much as people don’t think you should be happy all the time, nobody wants to read a blog of somebody who just complains all the time.

Recently a twitter follower asked me how do I decide what to blog about? Well, obviously I don’t make any decisions at all and simply blog about whatever is running through my head at the time. This is why nobody really reads this, which is probably for the best ๐Ÿ™‚


Yes, I really do wear those giant glasses when I run. I don’t go fast enough that they catch much air and slow me down.

3 thoughts on “Bacon and eggs”

  1. I am sorry to hear that you are not going to play with the Chamber Project this year but I do hope you will tell me other times/events/places where you ARE playing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for holding back, it is necessary unfortunately. I spent all weekend dying to put why I wasn’t going to my 20th high school reunion…and after seeing pictures…why I am glad I did NOT go! But there is nothing nice to say so I just cannot say anything.

    Instead I talked about what I DID do this weekend and the positive stuff…that’s just how it goes.

    And the rest is kitty pics!

  2. Bloggers are still humans! I’m sorry your summer didn’t go as planned. Totally understand not being able to or wanting to explain everything…you’re absolutely right: there needs to be some sort of filter when blogging (which I need to still figure out and is probably the reason I myself don’t have a lot of readers, hahaha).

    Hope you got to relax and enjoy some of the summer though! Oh, and that music looks completely crazy…
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