Barbecue Chicken

Barbecue is one of my spelling bee words.  You know, the words you missed in the spelling bee, and will never misspell again.  Or perhaps even, the word that LOST you the spelling bee.  Separate (sepErate—in fact my father thought I spelled it correctly) is my biggest one, followed by candidate (canidate—hard to spell properly when the word is pronounced with a thick southern drawl).  But barbecue (barbeque) is one of them also.  Do you have any spelling bee words? 

I made barbecue chicken in the crockpot this week by putting a bottle of barbecue sauce over some chicken breasts, cooking, shredding, cooking more, and putting on a sandwich.  So far I’ve had it for three meals and have one more to go.  It’s delicious.  I need to find a good recipe so that I don’t use the store bought sauce though—I imagine it is pretty high in sugar and other processed stuff, (though tasty).  Either way, I’m trying to utilize the crockpot more—it’s so easy to use—set it and forget it.  (I do tend to stir the pot, is that wrong?)


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  1. This made my mouth water. I love barbecue chicken. I go without the bun though and my husband and I make our own sauce. I think I will post my sauce recipe sometime soon.

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