Beautiful Weather


Doesn’t that look just BEAUTIFUL?  And by Saturday, I’ll be running again (not in the T-storms, but I think you understand.)


Hard to get a good picture of that.  But how pretty are my purple toenails?  I need to cut them before I start running again or I will be in trouble.

Sorry, this blog post is rather boring.  Oh, you know what it needs?


Bacon.  Praline Bacon from Monarch, to be exact.  This stuff is AMAZING. 

Oh!  I don’t think I told you guys about Monarch yet.  I went there Saturday night with my friends Jen and Kim.  We split the bacon and BBQ goat appetizers.  The bacon is pictured about…it’s smothered in brown sugar and who knows what else.  Great for splitting though, probably a bit decadent to order on your own.  (The guilt, oh the guilt.) 

Then I got the BBQ shrimp and grits.  I’m a southern girl.  When shrimp and grits are on the menu somewhere, I have a really hard time NOT ordering them.  They were fantastic, and what’s more is that I was able to eat exactly half and take the rest home.  Monarch is owned by the same people who own Herbie’s, another restaurant I love.  It was a great dinner, and I would definitely return (and take Chris, he’d like it too, even though he does NOT share my bacon obsession, silly boy.) 

After dinner we went to the Central West End to meet some people from Jen’s gym, but it was too humid outside, and several of the people from her gym were…how do I say this, STILL wearing their gym clothes even though it was Saturday night, so we decided to move on.  We ended up at Beale on Broadway (a blues club) listening to a really great band.  I generally don’t like bars with live music (yes, sue me…) plus this was great!  It was still outdoors though, and the heat and humidity was rough.  It was a good evening though.

But like I showed you at the top, the weather NOW is fantastic.  I’m going out for a walk around the park.  Have a great day!