Beef Stew

I’m making beef stew in my crockpot for tonight’s dinner.  I really love using the crockpot on days like today—you put the meal together in the morning when you have extra time, and then don’t worry about it until you get home, and then it’s ready to eat!  Ingredients include, but are not limited to:  stew meat, potatoes, carrots, and onions.  There is also a baguette on hand for dipping.  Can’t wait! (edited to add:  the stew ended up being really delicious!)

Today was a rough workout.  I ran 2 miles, worked out with Mike (heavy on the squats today) and then ran/walked 3 more.  I was working on speed so I walked at 3.8 for .2 miles then ran .3 miles for 6.5 to 7 mph.  Rough, rough, rough.  I imagine the people near me were super happy for my incredibly loud breathing (that’s VERY fast for me, just so you know).  But I feel like I got a great workout.  I will likely be unable to walk tomorrow.  Mike had me lifting heavier weights than usual—I said something whiny about that, and he said, “well you are getting married soon, it’s time to get serious!”  I cried.  But I’m sure it’s good for me and all that…

In case anybody was confused, I said in a previous post that we will set the date for our wedding in May.  What I meant was, in May we will be able to set the date—for a later time.  So if you started reserving your weekends in May for my wedding, go ahead and plan other things.  If you went ahead and bought a gift…well feel free to send that!  (Kidding…well, sort of…I have bought many wedding gifts over the years…it’s payback time, right?)