Beethoven 7

I had a great time listening to tonight’s Saint Louis Symphony concert.  Well, listening and watching.  Schubert’s 2nd Symphony, Shostakovich 2nd Piano Concerto, and Beethoven’s 7th Symphony.  Fabulous!

Great day overall (gym, lunch with Melissa, shopping, which included getting running tights at Target, and dessert/drinks at Franco with Chris), but I’m tired now and going to bed.  Tomorrow I get to sleep in,  then run, two gigs, and hang out with my friend Sarah.  Fabulous 🙂

I started reading “Free For All:  Fixing School Lunch in America” by Janet Poppendieck last night.  It’s VERY nice to be reading something other than “War and Peace” (sorry, Tolstoy).  It’s got a lot of numbers, but it’s still a relief to be free of Napoleon (and frankly, after Prince Andrew died, I just didn’t care anymore. )  I generally read fiction, but it’s nice to read non-fiction on occasion, plus I do genuinely enjoy learning new things and knowing they are true, unlike fiction where you read new things that might actually be historically accurate but you just aren’t sure (yes, I’m again referring to War and Peace.  Damn you, Tolstoy!)


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  1. Oooh–nice program!

    I’m reading too much non-fiction right now, but with several books already started, I feel like I should finish something before I “reward” myself with fiction (but not something as long as “War and Peace”–something tells me my addled brain couldn’t handle it right now…)

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