Beethoven Violin Concerto

I’m looking forward to Saturday night’s concert (attending, not playing, to be clear!).  It’s all Beethoven with the SLSO, including the Violin Concerto with Christian Tetzlaff.  A source (a certain viola player I know well!) tells me he sounds fantastic though his interpretation is a bit unconventional.

My work week is effectively over, all that remains is Saturday morning group classes up at SIUE, and this Saturday is observations only for me again.  TGIF!  (Remember when Full House was a part of that?  Random, yes, I know.)

2 thoughts on “Beethoven Violin Concerto”

  1. Oh! It was good–the opening was a little frightening (I heard it was better the night before) but overall it was fantastic! He played his own cadenzas (I think?) and the first movement one included a Timpani part. I almost had a heart attack when that happened initially!

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