Being a judge

I am judging a student concerto competition in a few short hours.  I am very excited to hear everybody play!  It’s the SIUE John and Kay Kendall 10th Concerto Competition.  First place will win $100 so the pressure is ON.

I used to participate in these sorts of competitions all the time when I was younger–I loved competitions…and winning 😉  When I didn’t win, I would vow to work harder and longer and win the next one.

As I got older, when I didn’t win something…I felt like it just meant I wasn’t good enough and maybe I should do something else.  Weird.  When did that change?  Was it in grad school?  Or afterwards (perhaps in my first orchestral job, when somebody in a principal position actually SAID that to me?)

I do know this:  I will be the best darned judge ever!