Ben Folds with the SLSO

I am generally a giant classical music nerd.  I listen to classical music or NPR generally in life, never any other music.  Except for some reason I got introduced to Ben Folds in the early 2000’s and LOVE his music.  I have all his CD’s (albums? what do I even call them?) and have been to a concert in Cleveland.  So when I heard the St Louis Symphony was playing a concert with him this fall, I jumped on those tickets. 

That’s tonight! 

Ben Folds

You can read an article from the St Louis Dispatch about the concert here.

30 days of Thanskgiving: I’m thankful for the opportunity to go to the concert tonight!  I hope it’s awesome!

Disclaimer:  A couple years ago I got asked to play with Ben Folds with the Columbus Symphony and had to turn it down due to a prior commitment.  So this is better!

Note to readers:  The concerts with Chamber Project St Louis went really well. We could have used a bigger audience on Thursday night but Friday night was packed.  I don’t play with the group for a few months but there is another performance coming up soon.  Check out the website and come out, support local arts!! 

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  1. I was really sorry I couldn’t go to that concert! I (obviously) love the symphony, and was first introduced to Ben Folds’ in college and have seen him perform quite a few times. I’m glad it was awesome!

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