Birthdays and Cats

Yesterday was Chris’s birthday.  We went to the Schlafly Tap Room to meet up with some friends and have some beers. 


I wanted to get a picture of Chris.


Me, recreating his pose.  I think I succeeded and indeed, made it even creepier.  Anyway, it was a low key night and we enjoyed ourselves.

Before we left the house…


This happened.


The cat loves lying on her back and she looks completely ridiculous when she does so.


This part of her personality hasn’t changed since she was a wee little kitty, though luckily my furniture has been slightly upgraded.

I was reading Runner’s World Magazine (I’m not sure why I am still a subscriber but it sometimes seems exceedingly difficult to stop getting magazines) and found this interesting tidbit:


Mike (my trainer) and I often have discussions about my hearing.  He is a low-talker, we are often in a room with lots of ambient noise and I often have to ask him to repeat himself.  He claims none of his other clients have that problem.  I don’t know. 

Maybe I am a little hard of hearing, or maybe his other clients don’t want to make a big deal about the fact that he should talk louder.  When I showed him that, he thought it was one of the most ridiculous “facts” ever and asked where I get this stuff?  (Which implied that I am a constant fount of bad studies and incorrect information…?)

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to end a post.  I shouldn’t just end every post with a picture of my cat judging you or giving you a sad look, should I?  Did you know that “sad cat” is one of the number one searches for my blog?


13 thoughts on “Birthdays and Cats”

  1. Always love the pictures of your kitty cat! You guys have had so much to celebrate lately – what a great month! Haha, I don’t think that cardio and better hearing percentage applies to me… or maybe I just have selective hearing. Have a great weekend!

    1. January is a big month for us! I feel like I’m in pretty good shape, so the hearing thing doesn’t really make sense, but then again, maybe I’d be totally deaf otherwise…

    1. I think a “please” could have been used in this statement. But honestly, she’s a short hair so it’s mostly fat.

    1. There’s more where that came from! I should do a “flashback” Caturday post. May need to do some scanning though.

  2. Never stop with the cat pics. My Alby loves to spread out while on his back. I think it’s because he’s got a longer body for a cat, and frankly I sympathize with a stiff back.
    Can I weigh in on the hearing thing? I believe that fact was stretched to have something to print on the bonus effects of good circulation to the extremities, or ears. I have very little hearing in my left ear (it happened when I was about 4, eventually causing my switch from violin to cello. Had to have surgery in my left ear, the ear that is RIGHT on top of the violin. Ouch). Point is, is that in hearing tests I can not hear a thing if there is A) background noise B) /are no one’s lips for me to read– “low talkers” tend to not enunciate. As an (former) audio engineer, I think this is your brain, flexing the attention-to-detail-hearing muscle. (As opposed to the decifer low-talking muscle)

    You’re fine, the magazine is pushing it…

    1. Honestly I’m sure I have some hearing loss, especially in my right ear. And I definitely get annoyed by multiple noises, i.e. someone talking on the phone while the tv is on (I always mute, husband won’t unless I’m in the room glaring) and I dislike loud bars/restaurants if I want to chat with people because I can’t hear…hmm…

  3. I too get annoyed by multiple noises and have to leave the room or cover my other ear while on the phone in a louder environment, etc. And I also used to play the violin for about 8 years… hmmm… But now I have a pretty loud toddler in my house, so I guess I just have to get used to it.
    I love the picture of your cat streching across your husband’s legs! She is HUGE, haha!
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