My family has a plethora of summer birthdays. It starts with my dad’s in May, then mine in June, then my brother’s in July quickly followed by my sister Leslie’s, which was yesterday. I was absolutely going to write a blog post wishing her a happy birthday yesterday but I got caught up in other more important things. So today is a blog post wishing her a happy (belated) birthday.

Us, looking all pretty and whatnot.

Leslie recently got a new phone that had the ability to use FaceTime (video chatting over the phone). We were talking on the phone and thought, let’s try it out. This naturally led to her pointing her phone at her cats and me pointing it at mine. Anyone spying on our conversation might have thought that the cats were having a little chat. (Anyone who knows cats would have known that the cats had no idea what was going on, as usual, and were simply busy grooming themselves, and for her cats, each other.)

(You’re saying, wow, GREAT STORY HANNAH. Yes, well, that’s how I roll.)


(One of my friends named Sarah went to New Orleans and brought this voodoo runner guy back for me. I love it!! There’s a bell on the top of his head so that everyone can hear him running.)

I could go on more about how adorable her cats are, but I suppose I MIGHT already talk about cats too much here.

Speaking of…I’ve decided to put the cat on a diet. My friend Karen’s cat successfully lost quite a lot of weight (I want to say 5 to 8 pounds but I’m just guessing) and she looks and acts really great. I figured the fatness could probably stand to lose a couple of pounds, so, like any responsible cat owner, I did some internet research on caloric needs and how many calories are in her food and that kind of thing, and came up with a plan for her feeding, that isn’t TOO much of a cutback, but just a little.  I’m hoping that she will in time lose a few pounds and have a bit svelter figure. I also don’t really want her to be THIN but simply, less overweight. Is that wrong?? I think she’d look great with just a little bit of extra tummy, but less than she has now. I guess we’ll see how it goes. So far I am standing strong and I believe that she is doing okay.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could diet the same way? I want somebody to figure out my caloric needs and set out my food a couple times a day, and that’s it—when I’m done eating it, I’m done, and if I whine too much, just pat me on the head and under the chin a lot. Of course this is assuming that I’d be trapped in a small house with no means of escape and no ability to get any food for myself, and on occasion I would be able to eat a few delicious bugs.

I know. You’re saying, what are you even talking about Hannah? But people said, hey, just blog. It doesn’t have to be ABOUT anything, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m just writing. It’s a blog about nothing?

Have you ever put your cat on a diet? Suggestions? Moral support?

And again, happy belated birthday to Leslie!

4 thoughts on “Birthdays”

    1. This will only work because I only have the one animal! I used to have two and that is when she got overweight to begin with–the other was a skinny little thing.

  1. I’ve often wondered if they could create some kind of “perfect food” for humans, where it would be the only thing we needed to eat, like pet food. Would people go crazy without the variety?

    1. I personally would go crazy without any variety–but then again, if it was all I knew, maybe not?

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