Bit the bullet

Okay, so I downloaded Windows Live Writer on Chris’s computer.  I have been seriously depressed the past few days because I had a bunch of pictures I wanted to show you all but couldn’t.  Okay, that’s a bit overkill, but I have been feeling down, and I do love blogging.  I want to blame it on the break in but honestly I was crabby before that.  I guess moods ebb and flow, and mine is ebbing (or flowing) now.

Picture time!


At the ballpark Saturday.  Seriously my head looks GIGANTIC!


The boys at the ballpark—notice Chris is on his phone.  This is normal.

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Rain delay.  And my favorite view from the stadium.  As weird and random as the arch is, you always know when you are in St Louis.


At Easter brunch.  Can you believe the dessert buffet?  And I may have been squatting a little bit in this picture.  I was wearing 4 inch red peep toe heels.

023 024

Getting ready to go work out!  I was PUMPED.  Mike was a downer today though—he was having serious wisdom teeth issues, as in, will need them taken out stat, and evidently was in a lot of pain.  Also he had busted his chin open doing burpees over the weekend.  Basically he was rough, and really probably should have been at the dentist instead of working.  I won’t be surprised if I don’t see him again this week.  Plus, I expect certain standards of entertainment which I just didn’t get…maybe that’s why I’m bummed out.  Then again, maybe I shouldn’t base my moods on how my workouts go, or on how entertaining my trainer is?  Maybe I’m just bummed because it’s actually nice and sunny today and I can’t run because I have to go teach.

Or maybe I’m bummed because somebody broke in and stole my stuff.

Is this one of those things that changes you forever?  I think I was a different person before my car was stolen.  That was one of those things that changed me.

Well, it’s Tuesday afternoon, so let’s keep it light.  On the docket for today:  teaching for over 4 hours, followed by meeting up with a friend from out of town at the Scottish Arms.  Tomorrow is BUSY with teaching and ocarina rehearsal (will explain more later).

Enjoy the sunny day if you are having one!  I’m back blogging as normal though 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bit the bullet”

  1. I have been meaning to comment but I just wanted to say that I’m sorry someone broke in and robbed you. My house has never been broken into (I have had my purse stolen which certainly angered me) but it has happened to friends and family members and they all say that it has changed them a little bit, largely from a view point of feeling violated. 🙁

  2. Break-ins are just plain RUDE! Based on my experience (MANY years ago), a residential break-in does change you! Maybe not “forever,” but things are different for a long time, in my case even beyond the initial residence where break-in occurred! Hang in there! 🙂

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