Black Friday

I am NOT shopping today.  Well, maybe a little online shopping…or at least looking.  Time to start thinking about Christmas presents, but not time to wait in line for stores to open at 4 am!  I’m very thankful I didn’t have to get up this morning and wait in the cold for a store to open so I could possibly get a deal on a super huge tv!! Yes, that is definitely what I’m thankful for today–I really hate crowded stores, so I’m thankful I didn’t have to do that!!

I made my cookies for my upcoming Cookie swap party this morning.  I really wasn’t in the mood to do so, as I was still stuffed from yesterday, but I needed to get them made.  I baked two different kinds–one was from the back of a bag of  peppermint chips from Andes Mints.  They contain coconut, pecans, oats and chips, and are unusual but quite tasty!  I must admit I purchased the chips on an impulse the other week–they just looked tasty.  The other kind are something I made last year–thumbprint cookies with jam.  I enjoyed them last year!  I added a couple things to the recipe this year to make the flavor a bit stronger.  Now I just need to clean and straighten the house and figure out the snacks for the party.  I did not plan very well–this party is making my vacation stressful!

I have a tendency to carry a lot of guilt around.  For instance, today I felt very guilty about all of the eating yesterday, and also at the potluck on Wednesday night.  I also feel guilty for not going to Bikram Yoga again, and I really don’t think I’ll make it back until Tuesday.  (They encourage people to go everyday, so that definitely adds to my guilt, also the fact that I have an unlimited package for these two weeks.  But I just don’t have time!) There’s also the constant nagging guilt that I am not answering phone calls/emails promptly enough and feel constantly behind on things for my school positions.  Gah!

I did get a run in today though–4.5 miles on the treadmill.  I felt MUCH better afterwards.  I also did a few teaching/business things so I feel a bit less guilty about that!  I suppose I’ll just get through the next three weeks and hopefully be able to actually relax about work over the Christmas holidays…the upcoming performances are definitely stressful!  And yoga should be relaxing, not another stresser, right?  Gah!

HBBC:  4.5 mile run: 4.5 points, 7 fruits/veggies(yay!): 1 point, total: 5.5 points

Total for week 1 (nov. 20-26): 40.6 points