Black toenail

Aren’t Sunday nights just the worst?  A (hopefully) fun weekend behind you, a busy and stressful work week ahead of you…and for some of us writing here, a concert to go play before the night is gone…

Funny pictures help, right?

Oh, and here’s something I’m disgustingly, oddly proud of:


While I was trimming my toenails I noticed a hint of black under the polish on my big toe, so I removed the polish to take a look.  Gross, right?  I presume this is still leftover from the Skippo?

3 thoughts on “Black toenail”

  1. I have lost my big toe nail more than once. I even videotaped me taking the whole nail off and yes, posted it on my blog. What is really under your toe nail is blood. While it’s still intact now it will likely fall off completely. It’s the coolest badge of honor!!!!

  2. Hi Hannah! This is hilarious! I ran my first 5K this morning and I now have a black toe nail. I googled “black toe nail” to find some information on it, when lo and behold, I found a link to YOUR blog. I found a link to my daughter’s violin teacher by googling “black toenail.” Is that fabulous or what?!
    See you soon!

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