Blistered feet

I knew I’d be doing a lot of walking in Chicago, and when I was packing, I considered my footwear carefully.  I failed though.  I failed so much.  I spent several nights in severe pain.  I don’t understand what went wrong—I chose shoes I had worn for lots of walking in the past…maybe it was all the walking in the rain?  Either way, how gross are my feet right now?  And seriously, yes, some of those blisters hurt so much but there wasn’t anything I could do about it.  Become one with the pain, right?

image IMAG0491

I am vain enough that I wouldn’t consider wearing my running shoes around town sightseeing, so after a few days all I was left with were my old school, cheap (free from a wedding), old navy flip flops in black (versatile, match everything!).  And I wore them all day yesterday when Karen and I walked over 6 miles.  You might be surprised to hear that my calves and feet are really sore now.  Crazy, right?  

Every time I try to pack lighter, I wish I’d packed more stuff.  I always pack the wrong stuff.  I needed more shoes and more shirts.