I saw Bridesmaids last night, SO funny!  Some of the parts were over the top, and I did actually become sick to my stomach during that one scene (I won’t spoil it for you, but even though I am often gross myself, and tend to discuss poop more often than not…I still could barely handle it.  Super gross.)  Super funny though.  And I loved Jon Hamm’s character.


Other than that, fantastic weekend.  Friday night I already mentioned, Saturday was a student recital, wedding, and a relaxing night in watching Harry Potter movies on ABC Family and doing tons of wedding brainstorming.  Sunday I worked out with TWO guys, Chris and my friend Jon 😉 One of these days I should be able to plan my own workout, but not yet.  Not yet.

After that was some errands and cleaning, baking cake batter blondies again for my students, Dressel’s for dinner and the movie.  Good times!

Today is my last day of in school classes.  After that, it’s only after school teaching, and summer (and open schedules) ahead of me for a couple of months.  I’m feeling good!