Busy week ahead!

Okay, after a fairly relaxing week, this upcoming week will be nuts!  It’s all due to my upcoming performance with Chamber Project St Louis.  Well, not all–but the extra busy is.  I also have another new student this week (that makes one each week for about four weeks), and that fills up my home teaching schedule until something changes.  I can’t believe how many students I’ve added at home in the past month!  Usually I add more in August, but this year has been different.

I had a great lunch today with my friend Melissa.  We went to Bar Italia and sat outside (it was a bit cool, but nothing we couldn’t handle).  I hadn’t been before, but will definitely go again!  I was starving after my “long run” in the morning (ran 1 hour 10 minutes doing a 8 minutes run/2 minutes walk ratio, nice, slow and easy) and really enjoyed my lunch–food and company.

After that we had rehearsal for the Chamber Project concert.  We’ve been working hard and are down to our last few rehearsals.  It should be a great concert, but I am getting pretty stressed–it’s a big program!  I haven’t played at the venue “The Chapel” before, but people say it’s really great.  If you are local and free Friday night, come to our concert!

What else this week?  Two weddings, lots of running/working out, TONS of teaching as usual (no days off this week) and of course Election Day.  Yes, I’ll be voting.  Will you?