Can you be addicted to Advil?

First things first:  Chamber Project St Louis Concert this weekend!  I’m playing a movement of the Prokofiev Solo Sonata, the Martinu Duo for Violin and Viola, and Haydn’s London Trio no. 1.  There’s some other pieces on the program as well, and it will be a wonderful show.  Information below.

Dinner & Concert at The Wine Press
March 23, 5:00-9:30 pm
"Haydn meets Hendrix"
Enjoy a great meal followed by a great concert
Reservations required  314-298-9463 or
$40 includes meal, wine and concert

Now for the regular blog content:

Ty Webb to Danny: "Do you take drugs, Danny?"

Danny: "Every day"

Ty: "Good. So, what’s the problem?"

(name that movie)

Chris and I were talking at dinner last night (that in itself is a shock, I mean, what, married people talking???) and I mentioned it occurred to me the other day that I had been taking Advil every day.  I’ve always taken a fair amount of medicine for headaches, but then I started taking it for various running aches and pains plus violin pains…and suddenly you realize you’ve been taking 2 to 6 Advil a day (well, really, generic, but same idea) for as long as you can recall.  Certainly for a couple of months.  I’m worried I’m addicted to Advil!  Is that possible?  I mean, surely I can’t be in pain all the time, right?  Plus, I’m guessing it can’t be GREAT for my body to take drugs every day…and it seems if I’m not used to taking it all the time, when I do take it it would be more effective, right?  (disclaimer:  am not a doctor)

So today I am going to try not to take any Advil.  I feel like if I can go one day without it, then I’m okay.  So far I’m okay.  My legs and "glutes" hurt, but nothing I can’t handle.  I will try to stay up on my caffeine and water consumption to fend off any headaches.  My stress level is pretty high, but it is (hopefully) balanced out by the fact that I don’t have any teaching.  In fact, I am going to the mall, and since it’s not Christmastime or the weekend, that is pretty unstressful (you know I hate crowds).

So, dear readers.  I need your support in the upcoming 12 hours…wish me luck in my endeavour to become "drug-free." 

3 thoughts on “Can you be addicted to Advil?”

  1. I started using doTERRA products instead of traditional medicine and I have seriously never looked back… For headaches I use peppermint and lavender and for body aches and pains I use lemongrass or deep blue. I would highly recommend looking into! I seriously love the fact that I don’t have to put foreign material into my body, just natural ingredients to remedy situations like yours! I’ve posted about the oils a couple of times on my blog: and Feel better!! 🙂

  2. You can do it, Hannah! I myself take “drugs” when it’s my “lady time” every month…but that’s about it. I know that if you take too much, it can damage your liver (?) Hopefully, you’ll feel OK w/out taking it every day!

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