Candle thingys

I played a nice wedding over the weekend.  They had these cool flower/candle that looked like a lantern thingys on the end of each aisle. I loved that the wedding wasn’t overdone, and was just nice and tasteful.  It was just me and my friend Ranya, and I think we did a lovely job with the music as well 😉   I don’t usually notice decorations and stuff like that, so either the flowers were really cool or I’m getting to be in THAT way regarding weddings.  We won’t talk about that here right now.

Ice dancing is almost like ice skating…except just not as cool.  I wonder if it’s like playing violin but never learning how to shift past third position?  (insert viola joke here).  Less classical music as well, and I just don’t enjoy it as much.  Sorry!

This week is Mozart Requiem with the SLSO.  I’m planning to go.  It reminds me of the last time I played Mozart Requiem…ah…the Cayman Islands.  That was the luckiest gig of my life, I think.  I went there, played, had a fantastic time, and then the next year they asked different people to go and that sucked, but I guess, hey, at least I got one trip out of it!  I need to be more grateful about what I have and have had, rather than dwelling on things I wish I had.