Car drives into Club Fitness

My gym.  Somebody drove into it.  I wasn’t there but Mike was.  I’ll have to hear more next time I see him.




I know we’ve all done stupid things.  But I’ve never driven my car into a storefront before, thank goodness!  Seriously people.  Focus. 

That reminds me…frightening moments…I was on the phone with a friend yesterday.  We were chatting during our commutes (attention IRS:  I mean travel for work, not commute as home is my main location) and suddenly she says, "I just got rear-ended."  I started freaking out!  Yes, she was fine.  But still, scary. 

Speaking of scary:  My friends Alicia and Andrew are making progress (it seems?  Andrew for sure, it sounds like) but still have a LONG way to go.  The website reminds us this is now a marathon, not a sprint.  Please continue keeping them in mind.  It’s been a little over two weeks.  Unimaginable.  Life changes in an instant.  (oh don’t worry, I’m not getting wound up again…just saying!)

Watching this man on the Colbert Report right now:  Nassir Ghaemi, author of "A First Rate Madness." (link to NYtimes article) He seems to suggesting that leaders are better when they are mentally ill.  I’ll have to read the book.  It seems (potentially) controversial, but yet not perhaps that far from Kay Redfield Jamison’s writings either.  I’ve always said somebody would have to be crazy to run for president… (hyuk, hyuk)

2 thoughts on “Car drives into Club Fitness”

  1. When I was trying to learn to drive stick, I got my wife’s pickup truck stuck on a steep hill in my apartment complex. Being the genius that I am, I got out to push it, but I guess I’m not strong enough to push 3 tons uphill. When I realized I was about to be run over, I jumped out of the way. The truck flew past me onto the grass toward some people’s apartment, and then did a perfect 360-degree circle and ended up back on the street, pointed toward a gentler hill, and I hopped in and drove home. (Still don’t know how to drive stick.)

  2. That happened at my husband’s work, he used to manage a Papa John’s. He wasn’t there at the time either, there was a man and his son inside the restaurant who barely escaped injury. The dad then proceeded to beat the hell out of the driver for almost running over his son.
    Good times!

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