Cardinals Game

I forgot I wanted to post a couple pictures of the Cardinals Game last Monday.  Chris and I went to see them play the Phillies.  It was a high scoring game–the Phillies got ahead at first, but the Cards came back, and came back with a vengeance. I think the stadium is really a nice looking stadium (then again, I suppose most are!)

It started out very hot and humid that day, but the weather turned out to be really quite nice.

A few weeks ago, when I returned from Suzuki Institute, I ordered a “grab bag” of various dice (all different colors and sizes) online.  FINALLY today I got them!  I have regular dice in a variety of colors, dice with many different sizes (12, 20, etc), dice that counts in 10’s, purple dice, multi-colored dice, and probably more–seriously I got about 50 dice.  Why, you ask?  Well, for teaching, of course.  I am told that kids LOVE rolling dice to see, for instance, how many times they need to repeat something, either in the lesson or at home.  I’ll start incorporating this tomorrow.  I’m sure I will come up with many more uses for the dice as well.