Carnival Splendor update

Here’s a link to cruisecritic’s round up of the days news about the Carnival Splendor (I posted about this yesterday).  For those of you new to my blog, I am a big fan of cruising.  I’ve been on three cruises, two on Carnival and one on Royal Caribbean.  My most recent cruise was over the summer on Carnival Legend.

Seriously, I love cruising.  I love being pampered, I love being on the open sea, I love visiting a bunch of ports in one vacation.  I love everything about it!  Which brings us to today’s THANKS.  I am THANKFUL that I have been so lucky to go on wonderful cruises, and that nothing unfortunate has happened on my cruise vacations!  I know people that swear they would hate cruising, and point to stories like this as reasons why.  However, thousands of people have wonderful, uneventful cruises each year, and I am so very thankful I am one of those people.  I hope to go again soon 🙂  I would love to go on a cruise to Alaska next…


Posing with a towel animal from my last cruise!

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  1. i’ve never done a cruise but always think about it. on the one hand, i LOVE the idea of the forced leisure time on the boat, the service/pampering, etc! on the other, i am TERRIFIED of being seasick. i do tend to get really motion sick on smaller boats (disastrous memories of a whale watching tour i took once) and this stops me every time. maybe some day i’ll give it a whirl on a really short jaunt just to see . . .

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