Cat in a bag

This happened while I was on the phone with Leslie the other day.  It’s her cat Albergo.

photo (46)

I presume that Leslie has not allowed the cat to remove itself from the bag.  Hilarity and destruction would likely ensue in that scenario.

Things Leslie and I discussed via text message yesterday included what Chris should wear for her rehearsal dinner in October and what shoes I will be wearing for her wedding.  I’m not sure if we are getting ahead of ourselves, but the one thing I appreciate about my sister is that she likes to be ready for things ahead of time as well.

Chris got back into town last night (he had been visiting his family).  The cat was most appreciative.  I was less so because he came home with a bad cold and ended up passing out before 10 pm,  poor guy.  At least I was able to watch three episodes of True Blood (Season 3) before going to bed.

photo (47)

You would think that I completely ignore the cat when he’s not around.  This is simply not true.  I don’t know why she likes him better.  Maybe I come across as too needy and desperate?

Last Tuesday of teaching for several weeks.  I am excited for vacation!