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Christmas Decorating


I want to get a new tree topper and maybe a few new ornaments.  But I’m pleased with the tree!  It’s a really nice shape this year.

I only had two students cry today.  Is this normal?  I don’t think I’m mean—usually I think the students cry out of frustration.  I just try to be kind then and offer kleenex. 

One of them cried because I took away their stickers.  Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I was frustrated.  Remember the sticker chart from before? I opted to continue using it just because…well, I got tired of the begging and pleading, and decided there wasn’t a huge harm.  And there wasn’t except for the one student who has a real love/hate relationship with the chart.  He got three more stickers for songs completed, but then in prep for the concert last week said he didn’t know one of the songs.  I told him he would lose his sticker if he didn’t relearn it (I know he was more than fully capable of doing this with minimal).  He didn’t relearn it and ended up not performing it.  Now, in my mind, the sticker chart is the songs the child KNOWS and can play.  When we play games, I take my assignments from the chart.  The same student today refused to play another song on the chart that he knows.  He said, I don’t know it.  I said, really? because the chart says you do (and I know he can play it).  He refused to try, so I ripped the two stickers off and told him he’d have to redo them.  Then he started crying.

I feel bad, but I also hope this makes him realize I am serious about my threats.  I told him he can get them back at any time by simply playing through the song, and in fact he can play with the music.  I think that’s reasonable.  Thoughts?  Did I go overboard?

My other tough love student:  the one I told last week that she needed to buckle down and learn her piece or she wouldn’t be able to play the concert this weekend. WELL!  She was my first private lesson today and she came in with a big grin on her face.  I knew this was going to be good.  She had improved EXPONENTIALLY.  Was it perfect?  No.  But I could tell she had worked hard and knew the piece much better.  I told her how proud I was of her work and how she showed me she could really perform well under pressure.  I’m glad I was tough on her, because it paid off. 

My spinning class that I signed up for (just a five week session) got canceled due to low enrollment.  The question is:  do I sign up for a Jan-March weekly class or do I wait and see what happens at my gym?  (They are expanded and adding a spinning room, but I don’t know the schedule.)  The weekly class is only about $6 per class which is quite reasonable.  But my gym would be free…but I don’t know how busy it would be? or when the classes would be. 

HBBC:  Day of rest: 0 points, 7 servings f/v (this is becoming my daily goal!):  1 point, total: 1 point

Lazy Sunday

I slept in today, and my legs (hamstrings) were super sore, so I decided I wasn’t going to be able to run.  I’ll just have to trust that I can skip this long run and still turn out okay as I won’t be able to make it up.  Honestly, it’s been a bad running week anyway, so I’ll just start fresh tomorrow–

I spent a little time preparing for my classes tomorrow.  At Child of God school we’ll be celebrating our performance last Wednesday and preparing for next week’s performance (lots of overlap, of course).  At Good Shepherd we’ll be working hard to be ready for this weekend and the following Tuesday’s performance.  I’m most concerned with this weekend—the older students are playing in a concert with other schools in the area and have two pieces for that.  I’m hoping they have practiced in the meantime, as a few of them were not at all ready last week, and I can only do so much once a week.  I lay down the law, as it were, for one of the students, and told her if she hadn’t drastically improved I couldn’t, in good conscience, let her play the concert as she would be lost, frustrated, and not be representing the school well.  I was pretty harsh, but I’m hoping it pays off (fingers crossed!).

Then it was Christmas Tree time!  Chris and I went to Home Depot for the tree, as has become our tradition.  Three years ago my sister Leslie was visiting and we decided to decorate the tree with her (Leslie and I enjoy it much more than Chris does.)  We went to Home Depot for the tree, and as the man finished loading it on top of the car, Chris tried to tip him.  He backed away, wildly, saying loudly, “no thank you, sir!  no thank you!”  We realized that it must be against store policy and he must not have wanted to get in trouble, but joked about it for awhile, ultimately having the story end with the man yelling, very politely, “SCREW YOU SIR!” 

Maybe you had to be there Winking smile

In any case, the second year we went back (minus Leslie) and much to our excitement, the same man was still working there.  And today was no exception! 

It was very cold, so I didn’t want to spend much time there.  We quickly picked out a good tree (I am not picky, I just don’t want it to be uneven and balding–frankly I prefer fake trees, but Chris loves the real ones.)



Loading on top of the car!


We’re going to let the tree “settle” a bit before decorating it—that’ll be tomorrow night.  But so far so good!  Now’s it time for a movie and getting to bed early to prepare for a busy week ahead (next time I have a day off it will be Christmas vacation!)

HBBC:  7 f/v: 1 point, 40 minutes strength training: 2 points, 20 minutes stretching: 1 point, total: 4 points